Complete Electrical Services for Over 90 Years

We are – and have been for over 90 years – a premiere electrical services provider to industrial, commercial and institutional customers in the Midwest.  

Project Services

Koontz-Wagner Construction Services provides design and electrical contracting services to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional customers.  Highly skilled teams of engineers, project managers and electricians have the expertise to design, install and maintain complex products and systems.

Koontz-Wagner Maintenance Services provides turnkey solutions removing, repairing and re-installing large rotating apparatus and electric motors.                 

Field Services

Koontz-Wagner Maintenance Services and Koontz-Wagner Constructions Services provides a broad array of electric rotating apparatus and motor repair and electrical contracting field services.  Field services include:

·         On-site electric motor and generator repairs

·         Commissioning and installation of new equipment

·         Predictive and preventive maintenance

o    Motor monitoring and testing

o    Vibration analysis

o    Infra-red thermography

o    Dry ice blasting

·         Emergency and outage support

·         Switchgear services

·         Industrial automation

·         Electrical safety

·         Training

Motor Repair Services

Koontz-Wagner Maintenance Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced technicians at facilities located in South Bend, IN and Lima and Bryan, OH providing motor repair shop services for:

·         AC and DC electric motors

·         Drives

·         Electric generators

·         Mechanical components, including gearboxes, reducers, pumps and fans

·         Switchgear

·         Transformers

·         Electronics


The South Bend facility is ideally suited for large rotating apparatus as it has lifting capacity of upwards of 45 tons

This combination of service offering enables Koontz-Wagner to be your complete electrical services provider.  

Contact Koontz-Wagner for all your electrical services needs. We're a resource you can rely on.